Passion: Let The Future Begin

The new Passion album - Let The Future Begin - is finally here!

So excited to finally share each of these songs from Passion 2013 in the Dome! Deluxe Edition at iTunes includes the best glimpse of the gathering with song videos, a talk from Louie Glgio and bonus songs. Can't wait for you to continue singing along to these special songs!

Passion: Let The Future Begin Pre-Order

1. God's Great Dance Floor
2. The Lord Our God
3. Jesus, Only Jesus
4. Once and for All
5. Burning in My Soul
6. Revelation Song
7. Children of Light
8. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)
9. We Glorify Your Name
10. Here's My Heart
11. Come to the Water
12. My Delight is in You
13. Shout
14. In Christ Alone

Deluxe Edition:
1. Death of Death - Bonus Song
2. God's Great Dance Floor - Song Video
3. My Beloved - Song Video
4. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) - Song Video
5. Raised to Life by the Breath of a Living God - Main Session Talk
6. Passion 2013 Event Photo Video - Bonus Video